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Final Donations Made from the 2017 ATR

Denise Wendlent of the Veterans Housing and Recovery Program accepting a check from Ron Naab of the ATR.

On Friday, April 6th Ron and Ann Naab traveled to Central Wisconsin.  First stop was at the King Veterans Center for our presenation of a $750.00 check Veterans Housing and Recovery Program.  King is the home to 700 plus veterans and their spouses locate on the chain of lakes outside of Waupaca. This campus also hosts a center for 25 to 27 men that are in a recovery program.  As part of the program they are afforded a place to sleep, counseling and food.  All other necessities are at their expense.  The money donated help with some of the basics along with transportation, etc. to help them through their  period of time at the Ove House.  In addition to the monetary donation, the American Tribute Ride hosts a collection at the Naab household for clothing, personnal hygiene products, laundry supplies, snacks, games, books to read, New underwear and socks or slightly used clothing.  The next drive is to be delivered during the Memorial Day Weekend.  Anyone that is willing to contribute products or money may do so by contacting Ron or Ann Naab at 262/629-9749 or rjnaab@frontier.com.  [See that attached picture of Denise Wendlendt and Ron Naab]


The second stop of the day by the Naabs was to Chief Patrick Arendt of the Port Edwards Fire Department and a board of director with the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial.  In addition to the two Legacy Stones purchased this past year by the American Tribute Ride Committee [Larry Millard and Bruce Bintzler] the committee purchased a heavy duty Toro walk-behind self-propelled lawnmower.  This lawnmower was purchased to replace an older unit that was used at the park that was in need of some major repairs. [Pictured is Chief Arendt and Ron Naab with the new mower.]