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The American Tribute Ride is dedicated to fulfill its mission: “… to honor and pay tribute to those who have served along with those who continue to serve our nation and our community. The American Tribute Ride is dedicated to supporting programs that help our Military and First Responders including Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement and their families while always remembering their sacrifices and dedication with honor.”
The 2022 committee will be meeting shortly to distribute the funds to those organizations we are dedicated to support: Wisconsin Fire & EMS Memorial Captain John Mason Suicide Prevention
Wisconsin Summer Camp for Youth Burn Survivors Stars and Stripes Honor Flights
Wisconsin Concerns of Police Survivors Fischer House-Milwaukee VA
Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention

Plans are in the making for the 2023 American Tribute Ride on the 22nd of July ending in Hancock. 2023 will be the 20th year that the committee has been planning and operating a fund raising event. It is our intention to start the ride at the Wisconsin Fire and EMS Memorial. Our Committee member Erik Johnston is coordinating the route. If your department is in the area of central Wisconsin and is interested in being a stop, contact Ron Naab at atrchair@gmail.com or Erik at ejohnston477@yahoo.com
For those of you that are looking for pager pouches, take a look at what we are making from slightly used turnout gear which has been cleaned. These are handcraft by a very special seamstress. For $20.00 you can protect your pager from dirt, loss and abuse.